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3 Ways to Style the Athleisure Trend This Week

In the event that you wind up dressing more for solace than style this season of year (howdy, finals!), then the athleisure pattern is only for you.

As we’ve talked about on CF some time recently, the athleisure pattern is about laid-back pieces that are appropriate for the exercise center, worn as normal garments. What’s more, who wouldn’t love to spend all their days in sweats?

Be that as it may, there’s a thin line between athleisure chic and “I simply taken off of bed” – fashion so to bail you out, here are three approaches to shake your workout pants and tennis shoes with style this week.

1. Lively Chic

Items: Varsity Dress – Forever 21, Jacket – H&M, Sneakers – Kohl’s Sunglasses – Sunglass.la

A straightforward varsity dress is all you have to begin shaking this pattern. Varsity dresses are anything but difficult to style and can be matched with your most loved shoes to hold the look laid-back.

Wear this with an easygoing denim coat and a couple of sunnies – you’re ready!

2. Proclamation Sneakers

Items: Cardigan – H&M, Leggings – Adidas, Sneakers – Vans, Gray Tee – Nordstrom, Lipstick – Marc Jacobs

Tennis shoes are the key component in this look… furthermore, well, every athleisure equip.

Sprucing up your tights is simple – simply include a couple of proclamation shoes and a strong lip. Combine these with a free tee and maxi cardigan to finish the outfit.

Your look will be charming and absolutely adequate for relaxing around throughout the day.

3. Chilled Out

Items: Sweatpants – Bloomingdales, Sweater – Gap, Sneakers – Adidas, Hat – Kohl’s

There’s no preferred feeling over spending your day in sweats. With this look, it’s absolutely worthy.

To get it, match your warm up pants with some in vogue tennis shoes and a striking top. Complete the look off with a comfortable sweater and you have a definitive laid-back outfit.

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