Site Overview

If you think that bodybuilding is simply a show of muscles, you are wrong. There are many other aspects to it. It is the use of progressive resistance exercises to control sets of muscles all over the body. In professional bodybuilding competitions, body builders appear in line-ups and go through specified poses that highlight the competitors’ muscularity, symmetry and conditioning.

This is all that the common person generally knows about the art and science of body building. It is primarily because the sport has never got the importance and the publicity due to it. One of the ways that bodybuilders develop muscles is by lifting weights, often far exceeding endurance levels and comfort zones. But while weightlifting as a sport individually has Olympic recognition, bodybuilding continues to languish far behind.

This is the anomaly that we at want to set right. We want to focus through our blog site the various aspects of bodybuilding so that our readers can draw enough inspiration to take up the sport at the professional level. Even though bodybuilding is still a grey area for lovers of sports, there are many aspects of it that is very interesting.

For the benefit of our visitors, here is a snapshot of our site and what is really all about.

You will get blogs starting from the history of bodybuilding. Basically the concept of bodybuilding was first mooted in England in the late 19th century by German Eugen Sandow who is regarded as the “Father of Bodybuilding”. We will take you through the competitions that first started in 1901 at the Royal Albert Hall, London and subsequently spread to all corners of the world.

Our site will also have sections for budding bodybuilders. Blogs will go into tips and guidelines on how to build muscles quickly and what precautions to take so that the central nervous system is not affected by strenuous weightlifting exercises. The nutritional aspect of bodybuilding is another area that we will focus on. This is because correct nutrition is as crucial as weightlifting for increasing muscle mass.

Our team of bloggers are all drawn from this field and hence have a high degree of professional expertise in all aspects of bodybuilding. Tips and guidance offered through our blogs are therefore authentic and very reliable.