Body Building Tips to get Faster Results

Body Building

Arriving at the perfect bodybuilding technique is not easy. All the programming, weight training, dieting and nutrition guidelines can be quite complicated for a newcomer in this field. In fact the large volumes of information available can be quite overwhelming at times for one trying to decipher all the technical and complicated jargon.

If you are starting off as a bodybuilder, do not get mired down with all the details at the start. It is always advisable to ease gradually into the process by getting into the gym as soon as possible and beginning to push weights. The quicker you start, the faster you will begin to gain those muscles. However, you should follow sound bodybuilding strategies so that the regimen that you take up will be focussed on building muscles only.

Here are a few tips on muscle building that will help you achieve faster results.

  • Add more and more weight to the bar – The first principle of body building is how quickly you are able to add more and more weight to the bar. If you have not increased the weight significantly over a few months, you are not building muscles quickly enough. This should be your number 1 priority. Only when you are stuck and unable to get beyond a certain weight should you try other techniques like drop sets and supersets to increase the body’s potential and get over the stagnant point.
  • The rule of failure – Do not think that going for the “failure” point every time will help build muscles faster. It is wrong to assume that muscle growth will happen only if you push to the limits every time – to the point of failure. There are some problems that you might face if you take your muscles beyond the comfort zone regularly.

First, it will be a drain on the central nervous system and will leave you physically and mentally fatigued. It might come to a point where you will not be able to lift the weight which you could easily do before. The second is that if you push for failure the first time around, you will not have much going for the second or third or the fourth lifts.

  • Work two muscle sets at once – Select exercises that help to build two sets of muscles at a time. This is known as compound exercises. The period you spend at a gym every day is bound by time and recovery restraints so you should make the most of it. Compound exercise examples are the shoulder press (shoulder and the triceps), squat (quads and the hamstring) and the bench press (shoulders, chest, and triceps).

However eager you might be to build muscles quickly, remember that you have to give your body time to recover. If you do not do that, you will only get weaker and not stronger. Ideally, you should take one day off between each strenuous weight lifting session.