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Review of Vimla

Swarm is a relatively new operator on the Swedish market with competitive prices and we have therefore chosen to test swarm. The test has been carried out so that vimla recension has been operated for a long time.

Swarm is a daughter operator Telenor and thus has the same good coverage that Telenor. Since a few years back so you share and build 2G and 4G network with Tele2 / Comviq. 3G network has its own in the big cities while outside urban parts Three.

Our tests which occurred primarily in the Gothenburg area shows that Vimlas networks clearly is excellent and all but 4G is very rare on our iPhone. During the conversation jumps, however, the phone generally to 3G which means that you can continue to surf in the background of a call which is very nice. The reason for the jump to 3G because calls over the 4G network is not yet supported in Sweden.

Best way to get Vimla is to do it through a campaign that you can find here eg Then you generally a really good start off well as a starting pot of 20 GB tablet in addition to the monthly rate you choose. One thing that is unique to Vimla is that all calls, messages and surf you do not use up the stored until you use them. This means that as long as you are a customer of Vimla there are pots left and it also means that you can ultimately lower your costs by switching to a cheaper subscription with such less data if you see that you do not have time to use up all you get each month. Positive Vimla is also that you can choose to pay by debit card, invoice (no invoice fee) or direct debit.

Once you are a customer of Vimla there “My Vimla”. There is a page where you can login and such see what your next payment will be or how much surfing, calls and messages you have left. Just be aware that this information is updated approximately every 3 hours, and the surf is updated only once a day and at night. You also see traffic specification so you detail can see who you called, messaged, and how much surfing you use every day. You can also “My Vimla” self-change of subscription and how much surfing you want each month. Upgrade you hit the change through direct, downgrade as regards the next month.

My Vimla addition, there is a now an app for the iPhone and Android phones. In the app, you can do the same things on my Vimla but you can also find nice graphs of your use and has more settings such as turn off and turn on the answering machine / voicemail.

There is also an unofficial app where you can easily see what your next payment is up to and how much surf, call, mess you have left. The app can be found by going into Saldo.me browser on your phone. Then follow the instructions happy to put it on the home screen so it becomes like a regular app. A major advantage of the unofficial app is that it supports that you can add multiple Vimla subscription and get the all in one place.

On “My Vimla” you will also find another unique thing Vimla and that is that you can tell your friends about Vimla and thus get a discount on your monthly fee. It works so that you get a special address that you can pass on to your friends, or for example, share on facebook. There is no limit on how many people you can recruit, which means you actually if you are good may come down to $ 0 in monthly fee.

More than unique thing Vimla is that they have a forum where all are welcome to share ideas, report bugs and generally discuss Vimla and other appropriate. As an example, their unique “save unused data, messages and surf until you have used up the” result of an idea that came up in their forums. How to send your ideas pays off!

Something else that is good to think about when it comes Vimla is their cost. When ordering a subscription, you get the question if you want to allow premium rate / international calls. This can then change my Vimla when you want. But the important thing to remember is that if you choose no, the phone will not work abroad, then you have to just “no service”! The advantage of choosing no, is that you know that the bill can never be higher than that set monthly fee, you want to let their children have a subscription, this is a very good feature.

Something else to consider is Vimla only provides support via chat, email , and their forum during working hours. This in itself is generally not a problem when it is almost always possible to get help on their forum by other members. The times you contact support where community is not sufficient, it is always the hospitality on top and they really look to settle the matter and follow it up. So even if the support is a bit more limited, since one can not pinpoint it feels both more efficient and faster in many ways to actually solve the problems that arise.

So Vimla good or bad?

After using congregate in nearly 2 years, I can say that Vimla is a bit of dream operator. You can share ideas and get feedback on those. The mobile network has never been fully down for 2 years, and reliability feels on top. If you have family / kids, you can even get discounts by recruits itself (which is perfectly legal) and thus get family discount on the already affordable prices.

The only reason not to choose Vimla is actually if you really feel the need of a new phone and can not afford to pay that cash at once. Buying phone embedded in the subscription are often more expensive then the total cost, and subscriptions, you have to choose is more expensive, and sometimes even the phone locked, which means that it becomes more difficult to sell in the future. So it’s almost always best to buy in cash.

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