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School Examination Analysis System SAPS NKRA

Login SAPS School Examination Analysis System Online . Parents and guardians of students now do not need to worry. You can now check the results of tests and examinations online through the School Examination Analysis System (SAPS) NKRA. SAPS system helps parents monitor their child’s learning achievements of more organized and efficient.

SAPS will display the results are students and marks including grade and position in the classroom. Checking the results can be made to the primary school of Primary 1 to Primary 6. For secondary schools , the review provided for Form 1 to Form 5

Here’s how to create a shared guidelines review the examination results of students through the School Examination Analysis System SAPS NKRA . The examination results can be checked as follows: –

Test 1 and Test 2
Mid-year examinations
Final exam
Trial Exams (Test) for UPSR, PT3 and SPM
The full results of public examinations such as UPSR, PT3 and SPM but however can not be checked through the SAPS system.

How to Create Examination Results Examination Through School Examination Analysis System

Here are simple and easy ways to share in making the Revised Examination Results SAPS Parent online: –

Step Checking the SAPS are: –

2. Enter the number of identity card or birth certificate student (without the dash “-” or space)
3. Select either Primary or Secondary School, and select the exam
4. Click the Browse button, and you will be taken to the sub-menu like the screenshot below:
5. Select the type of examination to be checked, whether Tests 1 and 2, the Mid-Year Examination, Final Examination, Trial Exams and others.

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