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“Whitewashed,” Canada’s Legal Weed Industry has a Diversity Problem

Looking over pictures of the big shots at Canada’s legitimate therapeutic cannabis industry uncovers an ocean of white.

All 45 of the governmentally authorized makers (LPs) are controlled by white men. They’re at present the main organizations legitimately permitted to develop and offer the item, and just for those phyto extractions with medicinal remedies. Furthermore, they’re the organizations that will keep on leading the recreational market, which the administration arrangements to execute by one year from now.

Bad habit News approached each LP for itemized assorted qualities data about their official sheets and senior administration, and any consideration activities right now set up. Of the organizations that reacted, speaking to 20 LPs, two said their administrators incorporate individuals from noticeable minorities, for an aggregate of six individuals. Others indicated their senior administration groups, some of which involve more than 50 percent ladies.

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